Hi, I'm Rudy Madsen

Siriusly Business is where I help people to be happy at work. Siriusly easily. Siriusly quickly.

(Without all the bullshit)

I've started Siriusly Business to provide simple, straightforward solutions to help you and your team be happier at work. 

Happy people are at the core of success and excellence. Google it.

We don't do MBA here. More Business Advice is not what we are about. We focus on 'how'. I do what I know works. 

If you want to make things happen in your company this is the spot. You can work on your MBA later... if you like.

We do 'Lean' without the different coloured belts and all the math. We show you how to do things that we know work.

We know because we've used them again and again.

You can do the theory later... if you like.

Here are a few things about me and Siriusly Business...

I have an education in civil engineering from Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada. That's just how I got started.

The early part of my construction career was spent as an estimator and then I moved into project management. A good estimate can save a lot of work. A good foundation is key in whatever business you are in.

I have worked with more than 15 different companies over the years in more than 30 roles. You pick up a good few tips when you are exposed to so many ways of doing things. One company taught me about huddles and another showed me how software can be properly implemented. Some of the time I learned how to do things the hard way by seeing mistakes made. Over and over.

I have tried and tested a great many resources, techniques, tips and tricks. With Siriusly Business, I have brought together the ones that really work. I have two rules for these solutions:

  1. They must be simple.
  2. They must work.

With Siriusly Business, I distill things down to a format that you and your team can put into practice. Easily and at low cost.

We go way beyond 'what to do'. We show you 'how to do it' step by step with video. This is different and unique. Google it.

My passion for simplicity comes together with my passion for excellence and improvement. 

The KISS principle is front and center. The goal is to help your company get better, quicker, faster - simply and easily with happy people. Great Culture is the result.

We are here to take away your pain.

We Help Companies Develop Good Habits and Grow Faster...

Great Culture is the result.

Without the Bullshit

  • Do You.............
  • delegate with confidence?
  • spend enough time with your family?
  • have full confidence in every one of your people?
  • dominate your market?
  • have happy, engaged employees? Good culture?
  • know what your most profitable work is?
  • team make decisions based on solid historical and current data?

Siriusly Business is unique.

We show you how to get you to "yes" on all of the above.

Simply and at low cost.

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What is behind Siriusly Business?

Siriusly Business is built around my desire to improve how things work and to make success easier. Chances are that I have been where you are now or someplace similar. I got here the hard way by going through the middle. The deep stuff. Many times in my career I have wanted to 'fix' something only to be faced with resistance.

-   "I can only do what my boss tells me to do."   -

Actual quote from a senior manager upon being presented with data backed recommendations for improvements.

-   "Our company is the best at what we do."   -

Actual quote from a company owner. What the team was actually very good at was cleaning up messes at every layer of management so that everything looked perfect to the top management.

'If it ain't broke don't fix it' is a trap - something is always broken or in need of 'fixing' but not everyone can see it.

Siriusly Business is laser focused on what works....

I'm not an MBA or a certified business coach. I haven't launched million dollar startups on the internet. What I have done is to make things better for companies and teams. Using simple things that work, simple things that make a difference. Good habits around good practices. Developed around a solid foundation and put in place for the long run, our solutions will make your company strong and your team happy. I've seen it many times. I've also lived through the pain when companies just didn't get it. 

Good habits are key...

I started my career in the construction business working with a small contractor before there were digital solutions. I learned the importance of being organized and of having consistent ways of doing things. Finding an estimate that was six months old was a lot simpler if all you had to do was look it up on a list and pull it out of the appropriate file. The key was to be certain to file daily and update the list. Simple. Good habits developed and maintained and ultimately improved upon.

Shortcuts never are.....

Working with many different companies through the years, I have watched people over and over again taking shortcuts only to see them doing the same work again and again because of the so-called shortcut. I call it 'doing the math'. Instead of looking for the shortcut sit down and do the math the first time. Do it thoroughly and you will be able to rely on it going forward.

What works and what doesn't.

I've worked with small companies and have seen firsthand what works and what doesn't. I've worked with large companies spread across entire countries and was able to see what works and what doesn't.

We've taken all of the things that work and brought them together in Siriusly Business. I chose to name the company after the brightest star in the sky to reflect the goal of helping your company shine its brightest.

Our Solutions Will Strengthen Your Teams. Measurably.

Performance improvements are measurable and constant over time. Things will keep getting better. Happy people. Good culture.

Collaboration Within Your Company

What one can do, two can do better. Once your team starts working together more closely the results will speak for themselves. Happy people. Good culture.

Achieving Excellence Day In and Day Out

Where chaos once reigned excellence emerges. With accountability ingrained in your company culture there are no limits to what your team can do. Happy people. Good culture.

Rudy has an easygoing style that belies the passion that he possesses for making things work better. He really, really hates to see people struggle unnecessarily doing things that haven't been thought out carefully.

Tara Skillen // Scheduler and Proposal Writer

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