FoCAs™  Your Team Like Never Before. Simply and Quickly 

Learn how to get control of your Company… even if you have never taken a single business course!

Here’s what people are saying about the FoCAs™ course:

The driving element behind the development of this course is 'helping people'. The feedback received from people like you shows how FoCAs™ is hitting the mark.

Paul McCarney

Business Owner

"It's all here in this course"

This course has the fundamental elements necessary to raise the bar in any company. Great Stuff!

Management Professional

"FoCAs™ will seriously help your team raise the bar."

Putting everything in this course to use will definitely enable your team to focus on what they do best...

Renzo Bulgarelli

Operations Specialist

"Connecting your team and driving accountability. This is an actionable outcome driven course."

This program gets to the core of how to quickly get your team talking and working on the same page. Stellar work.

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in The FoCAs™ course!!

We will show you how to build in accountability to get things done. You will get step by step instructions that will focus your team in a way that you would not have thought possible. Quickly. Simply. Your team will know the "what, when, where, why and who" for every task.

The FoCAs™ course will have your team doing what you want.

You won't even need to ask them! 


"An obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions."

Individually and as a company, getting this right is the baseline for achieving great culture. The course delivers here in spades. Once your team learns to embrace the habits they learn in this course accountability becomes second nature.

Learn how to drive accountability through your team so that they can accomplish great things.

Good Habits

The course goes in-depth to show your team key habits to work on and how to ensure that these habits are formed to last.

These core habits, learned as a group, will enable your company to thrive in even the most challenging times.

Learn how simple core habits form the foundation for your team culture.


One of the major outcomes of the course is the consolidation of your people into a strong team with shared goals and a common set of achievements. 

This course will ensure that your team is fully aligned among themselves and with the company as a whole.

Learn how strong your company culture can be when everyone is pulling in the same direction.

About the Author

Thank you for reviewing our course. I am very proud of this course and I really hope that you sign up so that we can help you and your company prepare for the exciting future that awaits us all. Let FoCAs™ help your team turn stress and anxiety into excitement!

Rudy Madsen

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