May 9

Positive Attitude or Optimist?


I tell everyone these days that I plan to live to be 120.


The responses I get say a great deal about the person I happen to be speaking with. I usually follow up with the comment “The worst that could happen is that I don’t make it”. Certainly, the likelihood of making it to 120 would be reduced greatly if I wasn’t planning on it. Back to the responses. ‘You’ll never make it.” This misses the point. It has nothing to do with whether I succeed or not. I may well die trying. Literally. “Good luck with that.” With sarcasm. This has defeatism written all over it. Not someone I am inclined to spend time with. “Why would you ever want to be that old?” Answer here has to do with the alternative. So, my plan has everything to do with having all those years ahead. Retirement is out of the question. I might slow down as I approach one hundred but in the meantime I’m looking at 50 or 60 years. A lot of time to spend lolling about playing golf and travelling. First things first.


Top 3 Parts to Ageing Successfully

  1. Heath
  2. Fitness
  3. Engagement

In occaecati

A job is out of the question since the entire world expects you to hang up your hat by the time you get to 65. That leaves running your own business. Thankfully, there is no age limit on that. With the internet, anything is now possible. Once I have established a few revenue streams to cover the basics the world is my oyster. Although, I no longer eat oysters. This brings up the second thing. Ageing. My plan is only viable if I can maintain my health. 30 years staring out a window with drool running down my chin is definitely not part of the plan. I’ve been eating plant based whole foods for the past 4 or 5 years and that won’t change. Do the research. The data is irrefutable. Part 2 of the ageing thing is fitness. I have played ice hockey for a long time. I am passionate about the game and it has been a constant driver for me to keep getting better by getting fitter. It’s tough to score goals if you can’t keep up with the play and you can’t keep up if you aren’t fit. Simple as that. We lose muscle mass as we age so weight bearing and cardio are both required to counter the effects. Good thing is that it is possible. Part three of the age thing is mental engagement which really goes part and parcel with the first two things. Running companies and playing hockey provide pretty much the whole lot.

Another thing in my favour is the advances in medical technology. New hips, knees, elbows are common place now and the next 50 years are going to see some pretty cool stuff. What to do, what to do. I’ve always thought that I would make a great architect so that is on my list and I do love boats so naval architecture is a natural. I’d love to build net-zero houses and go one further with houses that produce more energy than they use. I’ve an idea around converting old sailing yachts to electric. Don’t get me started. See you around. Hopefully.

ps. check out the name on the boat in the pic...



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