Culture Building

FOCaS Culture Building

6 Lessons

About this course

The goal of creating a great company culture is admirable. The business community is constantly talking about all the benefits and about how terribly important it is. So how do you actually do it. The FOCaS course takes you through the steps needed to get there. By working on two critical components, Collaboration and Accountability, you will lead your team into a future that is based around a great company culture with engaged and happy team members.

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Course Structure

Introduction to FOCaS

Preparation is the key to success with everything and the FOCaS course is no different. We walk you through all of the elements in the course and provide tips and insight into what is to come.


Lesson One - Pain Identified

Before we can identify the solution, we need to define/refine the problem. That is what this lesson is about.The goal is to clarify your specific issues. Honesty is crucial here.

The outcome for lesson one is a list of your top pain points. Download the worksheet and you will find a list of the top pain points derived from many companies and the likelihood is that you will be able to identify with these.

Clarity on what hurts leads to solutions.


Lesson Two – Pain Free

Lesson two takes the painful learning from lesson one and literally turns it on it's head. The worksheet here is the start of making this course unique to your company. Be rephrasing each of your top pain points you will begin to develop a vision of what your company can look like in a matter of months.

Again the importance of visualization cannot be overstated. Being able to really see what success looks like is a powerful thing. That is the goal of lesson two.


Lesson Five - Culture and Habit

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