November 3

Sunset or Sunrise? pt2


Heading down to my place in the islands for a couple of months.

Things are ticking along nicely given the events of the day and all. The new kid seems to have all in hand. The new kid has been on the scene for the past ten years. So not exactly new. The moniker will stick long after I am gone. New can mean a great many things. New ideas, new approaches to old problems, new ways of doing things with new tools. The new kid. Sure was lucky that I took her on after my daughter when on to work overseas and wasn’t interested in taking things over. I suppose that I could have managed things on my own but that wouldn’t have worked over the long haul.

We don’t guess anymore.

I’m taking my laptop with me and am looking forward to being able to stay in the loop while I am away. Everything is set up really well to be able to check in and see where the day to day operations are at. Wednesday morning meetings are set in my calendar and attending remotely is a breeze. The new kid sure is a stickler when it comes to how things get done. Not just how but also reviewing to make sure that we don’t miss out on possible improvements. If there is a better way then we are on it right away. Continuous improvement is what she calls it. No more flying by the seat of our pants either. Data, data and more data. I wouldn’t have believed it. Some of the information that we have gleaned by tracking things would never have come to light. Not in a million years. And it sure is easier to sleep at night knowing that all of the things that we can do have been done. Especially when there are so many variables that are beyond us. We don’t guess anymore.

We make decisions based on relevant information. And the feedback is great. When we valued the company a couple of years ago to enable us to go to employee owned status the accounts were gushing. At least as gushing as accountants can get. The rest of the team are really happy as well. I can’t remember when anyone last left the company and I know that there is a list of people who want to get in the door. So much clarity around who does what and when it will get done. Nothing falls through the cracks anymore. Clients are happy and they are showing it by coming back time and again. And they are telling their friends. All that social media stuff is a good bit beyond me but 5 star reviews I understand all right. I might be called boring but I’ll take it when the results come in the way they do. Building the company on a good foundation has really been a wonderful journey.


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