May 7

The World is Upside Down Scrambled


The current reality for a many people is stark. The situation is global. The traditional fixes no longer work. Governments have run out of bullets. Economic policy is exhausted. Entire economic sectors have been rendered nonviable.

Standard quarterly economic KPIs such as the unemployment rate, GDP, etc. have all been so skewed as to become meaningless. Credit rating agencies will be now shown to be the sham that they have always been. When such a large part of the population start to miss payments and begin to reach out to renegotiate loan payment terms what weight does a low credit score carry. The long standing benefits of saving and investing money are threatened as banks begin charging to hold cash. No one even speaks of going back to normal anymore. The future has never been known but there was some semblance of it. Not anymore.

Pretty bleak. Except that it doesn’t have to be.

A person can now design new clothes, have them made, shipped and sold all without leaving the house. And the house can be anywhere. People still need clothes. 3D printing has opened a world of possibilities never dreamed of. Conversations with video half a world away? Commonplace. A house that generates more energy than it uses. Cars that drive themselves and run on the excess energy from the house. Education? Pick a subject and you can be up to speed in a short time. Spend four years and you can be an expert. Again, without having to leave the farm. All of these and more amazing things in the last ten years and within reach in the next ten.

The difference is that now the onus is directly on the individual.

More than it has ever been. The current crises, of which the pandemic is only one, have catapulted the world forward by years with respect to the digital age. Every industry is now forced to re-evaluate everything they do. Shakeups of this magnitude result in opportunity. Doing things the same way they have always been done doesn’t cut it anymore. I will wrap with a couple of quotes that seem to be apt…..”The best way to predict your future is to create it.” And “Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.”



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