May 17

Top 5 Post Virus Action Items


1.   Have a Strategy

Proactive is the key here. Show your team that there is a future and that you are thinking about it and planning for it. This link will take you to Tom Wright Cascade Strategy where he outlines some critical steps to follow when developing your strategy.

2.   Collaborate

Don’t try to develop everything on your own. Include as many of your team as possible and this will completely provide payback in the sense that they will own the strategy from the start and feel that it is theirs. Working directly with your team will ensure that they aware of your pain and will share it to some extent. Treat your team as true equal team mates.

Joe Galvin, chief research officer for Vistage nails it with his comments:

“I think you’ll be rewarded and punished going forward based on how you treat your employees during this period of time”

“think carefully about how you treat people, people that work for you and the people that use your product today, because memories are long and crises are short”

The brutal truth is that everything is on the table here. Spend some time in the weeds on this one is guaranteed to have a huge payback.

3.   WHO and Local Gov’t guidelines

The important thing here is to understand that government bodies are out of their element and are making things up as they go along. Don’t fall into the trap of deferment. Where possible anticipate how guidelines may evolve. In the early stages of the current pandemic, I reposted a comment that said that we should basically assume that we have the virus and that our actions and conduct should focus around not giving it to others. Seems obvious now but if your strategy mirrors and defers to published guidelines you run the risk of playing catchup as the situation evolves. Go beyond wherever possible.

4.   Expectations

Managing expectations applies equally to employees and clients. This is always a crucial element in successful outcomes but never more so than in a time like this. In the past, success could be easily identified and any disagreements tended to be related to nuances. No one knows what success actually looks like in the current environment. All of the rules are out the window. There is huge opportunity to reinvent yourself here. What you do now and in the coming days will be what defines your company in the coming years.

5.   Reality Check

Normal is different. There is no going back to ‘normal’. The world as we knew it has changed and now is the time to take a long look at your business through this lens. “Restarting a business is much harder than shutting one down,” says the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI).

“When the economy reopens, it won’t go back to how it was all at once,” said Chloe Demrovsky, chief executive of DRI, a non-profit organisation. “Our habits may have changed together with the width of our wallets.”

Social distancing is now becoming ingrained. Not everyone will be willing to go back to their open plan, close quarters offices. At least not in the immediate foreseeable (is there such a thing anymore) future. Will schools open up to the same full scale as before or will online learning finally get the recognition that it deserves as a viable, efficient and effective method of delivering education. Not to mention safe. If your household includes anyone in a compromised demographic, then sending the little ones off to the crowded confines of the classroom could be a matter of life or death.

The brutal truth is that everything is on the table here. Spend some time in the weeds on this one is guaranteed to have a huge payback.


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